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Regarding strip nr. 616 „Yard exercise in the language pandemonium“

Dienstag, Dezember 7th, 2021

For all English speaking visitors: You also know this NWO-language very well. Here’s nevertheless a translation of the few non-English terms: 2.doubling number 3.R number 6.mask mandate 9. aerosols 10.test, test, test 11.AHA rules 12.vulnerable groups 13.everyday mask 14.7-day-incidence 15.vaccination offer 16.British mutant 17.second wave 18.bridge lockdown 19.vax, vax, vax 20.solidarity 21.Delta variant 22.breakthrough infection 23.booster, booster, booster 24.breakwater lockdown 25.vax denier 26.Omicron … „So, my friend, yard exercise is over, now back to your cell, ok?! You may proceed tomorrow.“

Interestingly there is a remarkable conformity in the root words of pandemic and pandemonium… (pandemonium = capital of Hell, the hall of evil spirits)…

Interessanterweise gibt es diese bemerkenswerte Ãœbereinstimmung in den Wortstämmen von Pandemie und Pandämonium (Haupstadt der Hölle, Halle der bösen Geister, Ort alles Bösen)…

Hohoho! Frohe Weihnachten allerseits!

Donnerstag, Dezember 23rd, 2021


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